Why should we help Christians to heal their delusion?

Christians often ask, "Why do you pick on us? Why not leave Christians alone if we are happy?" The goal of this page is to help Christians understand the answer to this question.

Imagine that I have an adult friend. Once you get to know her, you realize something. She believes in Leprechauns. She believes in them with all her heart.

  • She believes that she can talk to the Leprechauns by speaking silently to them in her head, or by speaking to them outloud with her hands folded.
  • She believes that by talking to the Leprechauns, they will grant her wishes.
  • She also believes that the Leprechauns will help her heal diseases.
  • If she loses something, she calls to the Leprechauns who live in her house to help her find it.
  • She says she has a personal relationship with the Leprechauns, and they guide her in many parts of her life.
  • She wears a shamrock necklace.
  • Every Sunday she has a special ceremony to thank the Leprechauns for everything that they do in her life.
  • She believes that the Leprechauns created the universe. She says, "No one can deny that the Leprechauns created the universe, and no one can prove that they did not."
  • When she gets married, she wants a Leprechaun priest to do the ceremony.
  • When she dies, she believes that he will join the Leprechauns in a magical castle in the sky and live forever.
Now, what do you think of my friend? Her beliefs are harmless, are they not? By speaking out loud to the Leprechauns living invisibly in her house, she feels less lonely and happier.

And yet... there is something creepy about it, isn't there? Yes there is. It is creepy because you know that my friend is completely and totally delusional. She has lost her ability to distinguish the imaginary from the real.

Would you want my friend holding a position of responsibility in our society? For example, would you want my friend to be in a position where she can launch nuclear weapons at foreign countries? Probably not.

Would it be appropriate to talk to my friend and try to help her? Would it be appropriate to heal this delusion?

Once you answer these questions honestly, you will be able to understand what is going on with WhyWontGodHealAmputees.com. There is no difference between God and the Leprechauns. God is completely imaginary, and we can help you to understand this.

If you are a Christian, we would love to help you heal your delusion. Please try one of these starting points:

by Marshall Brain

New York Times Coverage
discussed in a
New York Times piece
by N. D. Kristof.
For a counter-point to Mr. Kristof, please see
Chapter 26.

Recommendation by Sam Harris
Sam Harris recommends WWGHA in his book Letter to a Christian Nation.

Endorsement by Richard Dawkins
In a New York Times Letter, Richard Dawkins calls WWGHA a "splendid Web site."

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