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This site makes it easy for you to understand that God is imaginary. You can look at all the evidence for God's non-existence, examine all of the rationalizations and appreciate the motivations of Christians. Once you see it all, your belief in God falls away as easily as your belief in Santa once did. Obviously God is a figment of human imagination.

Depending on your personality, you may be feeling one of two emotions:

  • You may be feeling incredible relief and freedom right now. You have been living with an extraordinarily uncomfortable paradox your entire life, and that paradox has now been resolved. You understand why God does not answer your prayers. You understand why the Bible sounds so ridiculous. You understand why two-year-olds can die in church parking lots. And so on. You understand that God is imaginary, and it all makes complete sense now.

  • You may be feeling incredible terror right now.
Yes, terror. It is a fascinating emotion. There are two possible reasons for your terror.

First, you may be terrified because you have believed in the religion of Christianity -- and all of its accoutrements such as Jesus, prayer, blessings, the Bible, etc. -- your entire life. Having it all shown to be a total farce is terrifying. It is something akin to being married to and trusting someone for 30 years, and then discovering that your spouse is having an affair. It is terrifying. It is infuriating. And it is embarrassing. How could you have believed in something so long when it is so obviously and provably false? Once you kick your cheating spouse out, however, terror may sink in. What happens next? You've been with this person for 30 years, and now there is a huge hole in your life.

The second reason why you might be feeling terror is more insidious: You may be terrified of what God might now do to you. Even though you have proven to yourself that God does not exist, you still fear him. You are terrified of an imaginary being.

That second form of terror -- that fear of God -- should tell you something. Think about what is happening in your mind. You are afraid that, if you do not believe in God and worship him, that he will somehow reach down from heaven and punish you. You are afraid that God will curse you for the rest of your life.

That's right -- if God actually were to exist, you are afraid that this all-loving being will do you harm. Let the absurdity of that fear sink in for a moment. It's absurdity should show you just how imaginary God is. Why would an "all-loving" being want to do you harm?

What in the world is that fear? Why do you feel that fear? It is because this fear has been programmed into your brain since childhood. The power of religion is fear, and you may be feeling that fear now. The rest of this book will help you deal with this brainwashed fear, but here are two things to consider right now that may help:

  • Hitler was pure evil, yet God did not do a thing to stop Hitler as he killed ten million people in the Holocaust. The terrorists who destroyed the World Trade Center were pure evil, yet God did not do a thing to stop them either. The tsunami in 2004 killed more than 200,000 people, yet God did nothing to stop it. And so on. If God let those huge tragedies unfold without raising a finger, then it is certain that you can go for a week or two without praying while you finish this book and think about it.

  • There are thousands of Christians who will find out today that they have contracted cancer or some other life-threatening medical condition. There are thousands of Christians who will today be raped, murdered and robbed. There are thousands of Christians who will be killed and injured in automobile accidents. There are literally billions of people living in such wretched poverty today that you cannot even imagine it. This is how God is treating the people who do believe in him. If God actually were to exist, then you, as a rational human being, want be distancing yourself as far as you possibly can from this all-powerful demon.
In other words, the only thing you have to fear is fear itself. Understand what this book is telling you and what you can see as plainly as the nose on your face. The reason why Hitler, terrorists, tsunamis, cancer, rape, murder, robbery, car accidents and wretched poverty exist is because God does not. God is completely imaginary.

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